Chef Rodrigo was inspired by his Chef mother Margarita Elena, he creates fresh and delicious recipes.

An exclusive chef for both Locals and Tourists in Hawaii.

Chef Rodrigo is also an accomplished Fine artist,

health educational children book author,

publisher and sculptor.


Community Involvement

CONGRATULATIONS to the students who graduated from the Huiana Intership Program, especially Julieta Morimoto and Shylaah Ortiz, our two interns this season. Way to go and keep up the good work!

A big Mahalo to Maverick Kawato, who invited us to participate in this great program that focuses on Hawaii Island youth as the labor force of the future.

For more information about Huiana Internship Program, please email

Karina, my best friend, wife and the love of my life.

Diego Ivan, my amazing little son

Good Food, Wine and Art, what else I can ever ask...

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Mama Elena.jpg

Margarita Elena Caroca Lucero

My Incredible Mother,

My Teacher and Mentor.